Sprint at PyCascades

An opportunity to contribute to open source and to collaborate in person with other contributors and maintainers.

Venue: #400 - 455 Granville Street.

When: Wednesday, January 24, 2018. 9 AM - 5 PM

Who: Those registered to Sprint. Space is limited at the venue. Currently there is a waitlist.

Sprint coordinator: Timothy Crosley

We have coffee, tea, and snack available. We’re also working on some reward/token for each time you made a pull request to open source.

Thank you for sprinting and contributing to open source!


Propose a pull request to add your project. You can also discuss sprint on our #sprint channel on Slack.



  • Lead: ??
  • Interested people: ??
  • Repo: ??
  • Communication channel: Slack? Irc? zulip? Twitter? email? gitter?

<any additional info>

Live Coding in Python

This project runs your Python code while you’re typing it, so you get instant feedback. It runs as a PyCharm plugin, an Eclipse plugin, or an Emacs package. It currently displays variable values or turtle graphics, but I’m planning to add matplotlib support. For the sprint, I’ve labelled a few small issues that would be good for new contributors, and I’m also looking for contributions from matplotlib experts suggesting tutorial topics for the matplotlib support. Contributors looking for a larger challenge could look at adding live coding support to their favourite editor. The core of the project is some Python code that has already been wrapped for PyCharm, Eclipse, and Emacs. It can be reused in vim, Atom, or whatever you use.

Read more about the project or watch a demo video, by following the links in the repo’s README file.

Django Graph API

Django Graph API lets you quickly build GraphQL APIs in Python/Django.

What is GraphQL?

We are currently on version 0.2 and are working towards supporting the entire GraphQL specs. There will be a number of small issues to work on for version 0.3 with detailed descriptions and links to relevent documentation by Wednesday (sprint day).


Chalice is a python serverless microframework for AWS. It allows you to quickly create and deploy applications that use Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda. I also work on boto3 and the AWS CLI so feel free to stop by want to talk about any of these projects as well.